About The Springfield Township PBA

Our Mission To Serve The Community

About The Springfield Township PBA

The Springfield Township PBA was formed in 2020 to replace the Springfield Township Police Association. After many years of successful community involvement, the Police Association’s mission no longer fit the needs of today’s officers. It was originally formed to ensure that officers were able to afford health benefits after retirement, something that we now receive contractually through the Township.

The purpose of forming the PBA was to enhance the mutual interests of both the members of the Springfield Township PBA and the citizens we are sworn to protect and serve. Who are the members of the new PBA? They are the Patrol Officers, Detectives, Corporals and Sergeants of the Springfield Township Police Department.

We work to maintain a positive presence in the community we serve, through hosting events, through community service and charitable contributions. We sponsor community events, community groups and fundraisers. In our inaugural year (2021), we will be hosting a shredding event, a car show, a golf outing and supporting our local little league.

Our members volunteer their time to attend community events, run programs to benefit the residents of Springfield Township and to build relationships with the community we serve. We believe in service to the community, both on the clock and off.

Board Members

2024 PBA Executive Board:

President: Christian Wilbur
Vice President: Christopher Calhoun
Recording Secretary: Robert Baiada
Financial Secretary: Matthew Tauscher
Treasurer: Patrick Johnsen