The Springfield Township Police Benevolent Association is a non-profit organization. Your donations are not tax deductible, however are greatly needed and appreciated. There are some basic questions about our donation requests that many people have asked.

Support The PBA

Where does the PBA get its funding?  

The Springfield Township PBA relies on several sources of funding in order to meet our needs.  First, each member has money automatically deducted from each paycheck to go to the PBA.  To supplement that income, the PBA relies on the generous donations of our community members and businesses generated through our yearly fund drive mailer.  You should expect to see this mailer go out each year around the end of February.  We also receive funds through the sale of merchandise and through charging for some events that we sponsor.  These events include the golf outing, shredder event and car show.

Where does the money go?
Monies generated through the sources listed above go to a few places. A good portion of the funds are reinvested back into the community. In 2021, we will start with supporting the Springfield Little League and a scholarship for high school students. We will host events like the shredder event, which will provide a useful shredding service after tax time, and double as a fundraiser for the PBA. We will host a golf outing at the Sandy Run Country Club and
look to host a car show in the community. Some other expenses as an organization are legal fees during our collective bargaining with the Township which typically occur once every three or four years. These legal fees also include maintaining an attorney to look after the best interests of our members and to handle legal issues that may arise. As we become more established, we will increase the contributions to community organizations. We see
ourselves as a community partner and look forward to continuing our relationship with the citizens and businesses that we serve.
Are you a business that is interested in sponsoring an event?

We are looking for a business to sponsor a portion of the cost of our yearly fund drive mailer and business sponsors for our 1st annual golf outing in June of 2021.